Confusing Prices – The Biggest Roadblock to RPA Adoption

RPA has created an unmissable ‘big bang’ in the world of technology, whereas no business can now stay away from using it. But, this bang-bang has created multiple loopholes across the industry, with newborn players launching girthy packages with varied services and pricing. The biggest roadblock that has restricted the RPA [...]

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RPAaaS – A Weapon Used by Small IT Vendors to Provide an Edge to their Customers

Regardless of their size, every IT vendor realizes they need to invest in advanced RPA and intelligent automation solutions. All smaller IT vendors seek to future-proof themselves for the upcoming bot revolution but are confined due to lean budgets. And, the bloated RPA packages with bulked-up rates have worsened the situation [...]

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Demystifying RPA as a Service Pricing

RPA has been the biggest game-changer across the IT industry, as new players with innovative solutions and differentiated pricing continue to bombard customers. However, with over 50 players across the industry offering related solutions with bare minimum deviation, enterprises are confused with the flood of pricing for RPA tools. Prospects struggle [...]

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