Businesses need automation if they wish to survive in today’s fiercely competitive markets. The benefits of IT automation processes are being greatly reaped by Managed Service Providers(MSPs). IT automation provides MSPs with advantages, including cheaper expenses, fewer mistakes, and higher productivity. MSPs can scale their operations, get better data, and increase their dependability through automation.

The managed services sector is undergoing a dynamic expansion. And so are the opportunities of employing automation expanding.

Opportunities to Automate for MSPs

Most MSPs have already started their journey of automating workflows and tasks. Let’s see a few of such tasks that have undergone explosive advancement:

  • Database support
    Database support includes the time-consuming process of extracting and collecting data from multiple sources and multiple formats like bills, invoices, pdf and other documents that are essential for data verification. By utilizing programmed automation, MSPs can extract and process data faster all across the system, and once data migration is completed, RPA bots can also help audit the end system.
  • Password Reset
    Providing password reset resolution requires 1000 manual efforts until the new password is shared with customers. Manually resetting passwords is a time-consuming activity that ruins the user and customer relationship. Instead of humans, RPA bots can perform this process at a faster speed by verifying details, changing the passwords and sharing them with concerned users autonomously.
  • Application Integration
    Traditional application integration requires system integrators to make connections between multiple heterogeneous platforms. Moreover, making a real-time connection between project management to customer portals could be a time-consuming process for employees. But RPA rules out the need to create real-time interaction as it autonomously checks the operational data and easily integrates applications without any additional infrastructure and manual effort.
  • Simplifying the Onboarding Process
    Procedures for onboarding employees entail setting up and maintaining virtual computers, which include installing drivers, operating systems, and other applications. By automating the following tasks, RPA bots may greatly increase the engineering team’s productivity.

    RPA can automate the following:

    • Installation of the OS, drivers, and predefined software packages
    • Setting up the workstation’s settings
    • Creating reports in trouble
    • Setup for email services
    • Setup of a corporate account
    • Management of alerts and notifications
    • Creating and installing the necessary OS, drivers, and applications
  • Help Desk Administration
    For IT teams, managing service desk tickets manually takes a lot of time. For a number of duties involved in helpdesk administration, automation can be a wonderful solution.

    What can an RPA bot automate?

    • Creation of support tickets using a variety of sources
    • Adding tickets as tasks to pertinent CRMs and systems
    • Purchasing tickets
    • Sending emails to clients about query status or updates
    • Producing automated reports when the status changes
    • Setting up reminders and alarms

    MSPs use a variety of technologies to organize daily work and assist clients with a wide range of duties. Some tasks are daily procedures that must be completed quickly to ensure optimal output. As a result, MSPs can accomplish more with fewer resources, thanks to IT automation. Most MSPs have improved their effectiveness and efficiency with the use of IT automation without having to spend more money.

The following seven benefits of IT automation for MSPs are listed.

  • IT Automation Reduces Operational cost with RPAaas offering
    With IT automation, MSPs not only make their front and back end strong but also get flexibility in offering their service to customers at optimized cost. Zero-risk free consumption-based pricing gives MSPs flexibility to start small with automation in their operations. With RPAaaS, MSPs get the choice to choose their preferred automation plan, and that makes automation scalability easier for MSPs. Without counting per bot cost, MSPs can leverage automation in multiple business processes at a time without any fear of high upfront costs and deliver exemplary customer service as per the requirement.
  • Task Automation Reduces Errors
    Regardless of training degree, human error is frequently unavoidable.
    Even the most knowledgeable professionals err. However, automated systems don’t make mistakes as people do. MSPs reduce the possibility of errors by automating tedious manual procedures. This frees up skilled workers and enables them to concentrate their knowledge on more crucial and strategic initiatives.
  • Reliability is Increased via Automation.
    MSPs using automation solutions are constantly prepared to adapt to changing business needs, including consumer demands. Automation helps MSPs provide a more consistent customer experience because it makes computers and systems more dependable than humans. IT automation solutions are ubiquitous and always ensure consistency. Knowing they will get the same outcomes every day makes customers happy. IT automation makes MSPs more dependable.As technology develops quickly, MSPs must modernize their systems to stay competitive. Automation aids in scaling. However, expanding a business might be difficult, particularly for young IT firms.
  • Higher Productivity
    Computers, as opposed to people, may work continuously throughout the day without compromising the quality of their work. IT automation solutions assist MSPs in accomplishing all of the activities they are supposed to undertake for various customers. Efficiency and production are increased since the staff may focus their efforts on the main operations while the automation handles repetitive tasks.
  • Better Data is Provided through IT Automation
    MSPs who use automated systems are able to get precise and trustworthy data, evaluate it, and make the best use of it, thanks to automation software. Emotions analysis and other automation techniques produce intricate operational reports and provide MSPs with a greater understanding of numerous facets of their organization and customers.
  • Faster IT Automation Update/Change
    Spreadsheets and other labor-intensive, manual tools are no longer necessary, thanks to IT automation solutions. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, the program also allows MSPs to send email notifications automatically. MSPs track every change they make with change management software to make sure they don’t disrupt service levels. To put it another way, they acquire control over each process, including regulatory compliance.

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To Sum Up

Engineers are better able to work together, perform more technically challenging business-critical assignments, and immediately spot activities that need urgent intervention, all thanks to the automation of repetitive processes

Purchasing and maintaining IT automation systems has many advantages. MSPs must always update their processes and seek out fresh approaches to stay ahead of the highly competitive market.

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