Automating the Enterprise in New Normal

This article contains an excerpt from the webinar that was presented by Sherman L Antonio from FirstData Corp and Uday Birajdar from AutomationEdge. It emphasized the requirement of automation across small and large enterprises. They also presented how to do Statement of Account Automation. Described how AutomationEdge is a single platform [...]

4 Major Factors for the RPA Projects Failure

The old days of employees struggling with mundane and repetitive tasks are now gone, with Robotic Process Automation taking over the way businesses operate. Today, the focus is to maximize productivity with the minimum required human efforts. Especially in the most error-prone and time-consuming processes, investing in RPA has become a [...]

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How CIOs are Turning Pandemic into an Opportunity?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the pace and scale of digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented rate. As enterprises are moving towards adopting new technologies, the role of CIOs is getting even more prominent across diverse industries. There is urgency for them to drive all digitization initiatives to bolster [...]

The Chase to Become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise Rules the Post-Pandemic Era

The biggest ongoing debate in the global market is about robots replacing human labour in the future. The fact differs, as robots are not here to replace humans but to assist them. The future is brighter for the organizations that can balance well through this transition, and create a sustainable environment [...]

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RPA is Empowering Small Businesses to Catch Up with the Evolving Market Dynamics

The robotic process automation market is estimated to reach a global valuation of $5 Bn by 2022, confirms a Research and Market report. So, RPA is undoubtedly the future of all businesses, regardless of the industry, size, or operational model. To exhaustively cover the complete scope of automation as one of [...]

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Hyperautomation: How To Make It Work For You

The early 2000s were filled with automation. Automate for efficiency, automate for speed, and automate to work alongside humans. Rightly so, that worked extremely well for large scale organizations. In 2020, according to Gartner, Hyperautomation is going to be the buzzword. Additionally, according to the report by Coherent Market Insights, Asia [...]

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