How does RPA in Accounts Payable Enhance Data Accuracy?

The accounts payable(AP) process is indeed the backbone of an organization as it directly impacts cash flow optimization, fraud prevention, and customer relationship. Also, the accounts payable process is specifically challenging due to the high dependency on human and paper-driven methods to complete the process. With rising customer preferences for convenience, high [...]

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How will RPA Improve the Employee Onboarding Process?

Are you looking at onboarding a new employee? The employee onboarding process across IT organizations is the first impression that an organization gives to new hires, and it can actually make or break their experience with the organization. No matter how many times someone switches jobs, starting a new one is always [...]

Why AI-Driven Omnichannel Support is the Future for Insurance Industry?

Changes in customer behavior are causing a fundamental shift in the insurance distribution model. As customers these days are embracing digital channels, and their experiences with digital channels have also raised the expectations of buying insurance both online and offline mode. A seamless customized, and personalized experience is all they want or [...]

Avoid Patient Queues with Automated Query Resolution

Nobody likes to wait in line at least when it’s a matter of health. From clinical documentation and claims reimbursement to medical record documentation, healthcare providers often receive queries in high volume. These queries add up to a long queue of service tickets related to patient queries. And with a lot [...]

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What is RPA in Banking and Finance ? Use Cases, Benefits, and Challenges in 2023

What is RPA in Banking and Finance ? Use Cases, Benefits, and Challenges in 2023 The increasing strides of emerging technologies have opened up new arenas and exciting possibilities for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (Banking) players. With the widespread adoption of automation in the industry [...]

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10 Benefits of Implementing RPA in Banking Industry

Robotic Process Automation in Banking Did you know that human mistake in the banking industry results in over $878,000 in wasted time and labor each year? It is evident that the desire for change on the part of banking and financial services is not surprising. Implementing robotic process automation makes sense [...]

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Top 12 RPA Use Cases in Banking Industry in 2023

RPA in banking industry is like a match made in heaven. With robotics, all the mundane, labor-intensive, rule-based, repetitive tasks across the banking sector can be automated using simple software bots. By implementing pre-programmed rules, software bots automate high-volume business processes to optimize costs, improve operational accuracy, and assure improved talent [...]

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Exploring RPA in Healthcare: Use Cases & Benefits in 2023

Provide an Enhanced Patient Experience with Intelligent Automation So you want to enhance the healthcare process efficiency and create a better workplace experience but adapting to the change is challenging. It's time to wipe out those challenges by embracing RPA in the healthcare process and reimagining the patient care experience. [...]

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How does Automating KYC Process with RPA Accelerate Account Opening Process?

Banking and financial institutions all across the world offer a lot of financial products, including consumer loans, credit cards, debit cards, and saving accounts. Before leveraging any of the products offered by a banking institution, a user or customer has to open an account. And in the banking institution, opening a [...]

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RPA Case Study in Banking – Success Stories from AutomationEdge

Since the inception of technological advancement, the banking and finance industry has been growing rapidly and providing faster, more reliable, and more efficient service to their customers. But to remain in the competition and for significant growth in the ever-emerging market, banking firms have to find better-driven solutions. This article will [...]