Several Organizations have leveraged the RPA solutions for standardizing the Hiring and sourcing and have explored the new robotization, answers for unifying and streamlining the mundane task to ensure the step- by- step processes are carried out efficiently. Sadly, it is very typical for new hires to encounter a massive stack of forms to be filled on their first day at a new organization. They fill out several forms, track their trainings, and possibly depend on their managers to not forget any critical information.
Successful organizations have started taking it seriously, the need to have excellent onboarding experiences for the new hires, expanding viability and enhancing engagement levels. For instance, these organizations are more prone to have a pre-loading up procedure to connect selecting and onboarding, and they are twice more prone in being trained by the time the onboarding ends which enables the new hire to manage and be productive in short period. Naturally, completing these activities in the minimum amount of time is difficult when it is obligatory to finish them as a step- by -step process.Employee onboarding process

Thus, the high- performing organizations have executed the utilization of Robotic process automation, or RPA, programming to sort out and robotize the onboarding procedure. Enhancing the onboarding experience for new hires. The adequacy of your onboarding procedure is impacted by recruiting professionals, who are the first point of contact for any organization. All the documents during the recruiting process can be a part of the onboarding documentation using automation. For instance, a functional RPA can help in the following:

  • Accumulation and storing data from resumes of potential candidates for future or to improve the onboarding procedure.
  • Accumulation and distribution of data from candidate surveys to accelerate the hiring procedure.

New joiners don’t need to spend an initial couple of days of work rounding out on documentation. (Form filling, personal documents, etc.) Instead focus, on essential onboarding assignments which are overseen. Through a robotized procedure these can be quickly finished so they can hop right in on other tasks. It is conceivable to mechanize the absolute most tedious and minimum connecting with things on the new hires agenda. Cases include:

  • Programmed appropriation of organization data, for example, handbooks, directories, safety manual and training material.
  • Ensuring that digital forms that available for the new hires to fill in their own data, making sure of accuracy
  • Carefully putting away new hire data, which diminishes human mistake and security, accessibility and precision, while lessening consistence blunders around delicate information, for example, medicate tests and background verifications.

Along with making sure of processes like ensuring the completion of checklists, reminders, data management and indexing, the automated onboarding solution also helps enhance the joiners experience as the onboarding HR is focused entirely on that – while the software bot automatically performs the data administration.
In HR automation, employee onboarding is one of the first activities to be automated; other events can also be automated using robotic automation just to mention a few Applicants sourcing and tracking, payroll, learning & development, exit formalities, etc.
Which process are you ready to automate in your organization?