The Role Of RPA In Streamlining Bank Reconciliation Process

A large number of financial organizations invest most of their time in managing things. Irrespective of the size, location, and the number of transactions in question, the scenario remains the same throughout when it comes to checking and matching transactions manually, preparing and posting journals to complete the required bank reconciliations. Although [...]

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Top 10 RPA Use Cases In Insurance Industry

Introduction Over the years, insurers have been accustomed to marketing realities of relatively low premium growth and rising loss costs. But now the insurance industry is facing an inflection point where the growth of emerging technologies is driving an outcome-focused operations agenda. Unfortunately, not all insurers have the culture or capacity [...]

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Top 7 use cases for Intelligent Document Processing

Growing market competition, ever-evolved customer expectations, and compliance pressures have paved the way for automation across all industries. As enterprises are moving towards digital with the advent of innovative technologies like RPA, and intelligent automation, documents are everywhere. Business data is the heart of digital transformation, but unfortunately, 80% of data [...]

Transform Customer Experience with Contact Center Automation

In the aftermath of COVID-19 businesses are struggling to improve their customer experiences as the first point of contact is the hardest hit. From healthcare to banking industries, email, calls, and chats came pouring in as people around the world scrambled for information. Additionally, contact volume in both public and private [...]

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Conversational AI to Transform the Fintech Industry

The fintech industry has seen a drastic change in its service operations due to less employee productivity, increased online fraud, and enhanced risk assessments. And with rising competition in the market, the BFSI industry no longer wants to limit abilities to traditional automation. Hence, the necessity to adopt conversational technology and [...]

Top 8 RPA Use Cases for Work-from-Home Call Center

The ongoing pandemic has compelled businesses to go hyper-digital and adopt emerging technologies to lead or stay in the race. With business transformation, more and more manual and repetitive tasks can be automated using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), [...]

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RPAaaS – A Weapon Used by Small IT Vendors to Provide an Edge to their Customers

Regardless of their size, every IT vendor realizes they need to invest in advanced RPA and intelligent automation solutions. All smaller IT vendors seek to future-proof themselves for the upcoming bot revolution but are confined due to lean budgets. And, the bloated RPA packages with bulked-up rates have worsened the situation [...]

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Demystifying RPA as a Service Pricing

RPA has been the biggest game-changer across the IT industry, as new players with innovative solutions and differentiated pricing continue to bombard customers. However, with over 50 players across the industry offering related solutions with bare minimum deviation, enterprises are confused with the flood of pricing for RPA tools. Prospects struggle [...]

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RPA in Healthcare Industry: The Resonance of a Perfect Human-Bot Symbiosis

RPA adoption in healthcare is slender, even though it is the fastest-growing sector of the worldwide corporate software market. According to market studies, the robotic process automation (RPA) market is expected to reach $5 billion by 2024. The healthcare sector is expected to be one of the fastest-growing sectors during that [...]

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