Right now, everything in the WORLD has stopped and everyone is talking about COVID-19 and its impact on the business and the economy. Thought leaders think, it’ll surpass the impact caused by 2008 slowdown.

As a matter of the fact, price one of the important commodities in running economies i.e. oil (Live value) has gone down below zero in the global market.

If you are the business person from one of the industries which are still working like IT or banking, you might be worried about the health of the employees and managing the impact/workload if the employee shows symptoms and not able to work.

Technology has advanced with rapid pace after the SARS-Cov crisis to control the spread of such diseases. Not only in pharmaceutical but other technology innovation has taken place to help prevent diseases. One of such tools available is AutomationEdge Covid-19 Crisis Response AppBots.

AutomationEdge Covid-19 AppBots is a set of 2 bots:

  • Covid-19 Self-Report AppBot
  • Covid-19 Outreach AppBot

By applying our Robotic Process Automation capabilities, we have developed these AppBots to help organizations to track employee health status and reach out to employees in case of emergency.

Countries are taking stricter measures to ensure that citizens follow stay at home policy to minimize the contacts and curb the spread of coronavirus.

Work from home also creates more issues from the IT side. With health, the status of IT resources like laptop, internet and VPN is crucial to maintain productivity.

Automating the Crisis Response
While it’s safe to work from home, tracking the employee’s status can be a resource-intensive task for HR and IT team. Previously, AutomationEdge employees were asked to fill the excel form to update their health as well as IT issues status.

After the launch of AppBots, employees are now updating status from the AppBot web UI. All the employee status is stored and available for HR and IT team in a graphical format which is easy to decode the organization wide status.

Self-Report AppBot collects information though already available questionnaire. Departments can customize the questions to suite their requirement.

Employees can submit the response through various communication mediums like email, skype, slack, browser UI, chatbot and WhatsApp.

AppBot take regular follow-ups with employees to submit a response after an interval of time. If there are any abnormalities in the employee response like high fever or no internet connectivity, using automation, AppBot sends a notification to the manger and respective teams. This gives time to resolve issues and manage workload beforehand to keep up the productivity.

AppBot is also integrated with IT and HR service desks using ready plugins to create and track tickets.

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Organize, Identify, Resolve

Capturing data is just half work done. But, the more important part is identifying the issues and work on it before the business productivity is hampered.

AppBot summarized all the response from the employees into pie or bar charts. These charts are an easy way to identify if the employee has any symptoms and how is it going to affect the productivity. As the process is automated, reviewing the results becomes much easier.

If an employee has any questions about the next step, the AI based chatbot with pre-filled answers to the FAQs is available to help. The chatbot is powered with NLP capability to help understand the employee queries in the natural language and give the correct response.

With AppBot, organizations can simplify crisis management and focus on the important tasks such as the welfare of employees and keeping our productivity. Time saved in such mundane tasks can be better utilized in such a time of crisis. We hope that with our small effort, we help your organization keep productive in these tough times.