In the era of instant messaging, instant resolutions, and “instant everything”, wouldn’t customers expect the same from IT service management as well? As customer-centricity is growing across the industry forward-thinking IT leaders are adopting automation tools such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and others

However, the adoption of automation tools was not very fruitful, as the binary nature of chatbots led to slip-ups due to customers’ need to communicate with a real person.
Also, customers expect enterprise services to be delivered instantly, in the device and channel of their choice, with a high degree of personalization. That’s where the urge to embrace “Conversational IT” comes into existence.

Conversational IT- AI-powered Conversation for Instant Resolution

According to the Gartner report, “ Conversational AI is emerging technologies that can efficiently extract insights from unstructured data and accelerate retrieval of enterprise information.” That’s what shows how any organization can embrace the ITSM transformational journey irrespective of its size.

Powered by AI technologies like Machine Learning(ML), Natural Language Processing, and speech recognition, traditional ITSM can be reset into Conversational IT.

Also, in an AI-advanced environment, Conversational AI can analyze and compare the ticket text with the resource pool and accurately prioritize requests. This allows end-users to focus on more complex tasks while Conversational AI handles the rest. And who doesn’t want a little extra time to focus on creative marketing strategy.

As we see, conversations with AI solutions can boost customer satisfaction in many ways. Using it can reduce the time it takes for tickets to be resolved and streamline the implementation of new systems and IT processes.

On the whole, Conversational IT promises to enhance customer experience by increasing productivity, using fewer resources and saving significant amounts of money.

Therefore, it is obvious that ITSM will only get better with more and more AI automation introduced into the process over the coming years.

How does Conversational IT elevate customer Experience?

Let’s look at how Conversational IT makes a difference in your service desk operations and provide end-to-end resolution with enhanced customer experience.

  1. Omnichannel Support:
    As per Gartner, to build a successful digital customer experience, it’s vital for organizations to make a shift towards a self-service dominant customer service strategy. This is because today, customers expect strong channel preferences and personalized resolution. By implementing AI evolved chatbots and tools, IT, service leaders can provide a single pane window for personalized and instant support for service desk tickets. No matter whether it’s Slack, MS Teams, webform, and emails, Conversational IT makes your preferred channel your service desk. No more integration and additional infrastructure, with a Conversational IT solution you get the information and ticket resolution right where you need it.
  1. Self Service Portal:
    Several repetitive requests such as password reset, answering FAQs, and installing products require the minimal intervention of service desk agents. And to fast-track, this process, AI chatbots, and conversational AI are at your service. Conversational IT uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) to understand the natural nuances of context and languages and provide instant resolution without human intervention. Also, Conversational IT learns from past interactions and provides tried and tested resolutions. No matter if you want to automate requests from HR, admin, and finance, you can easily integrate your requests into any enterprise application. That’s how Conversational IT limits manual intervention and provides self-service support to customers.AI Service Desk Automation- A Guide to become Smart to Smarter
  1. Events Alert:
    Living in FOMO that you miss an upcoming event such as password update, training & certification, and license renewal. With Conversational IT missing an event doesn’t count. By using a chatbot inbuilt with NLP, and Machine Learning, the Conversational IT tool keeps track of upcoming events and never misses out on a task that holds utmost importance for employees. It creates alerts and notifications on its own and passes them to the customers for further action. In this way, it makes your IT service desk less labor-intensive, less complicated, and more cost-effective.
  1. Agent Assist:
    On an average service desk, agents receive a high volume of requests for FAQs, knowledge articles, password reset, and others. For a service desk agent, switching between legacy systems and providing resolution on time is challenging. But combining AI assistance boosts the agent’s efficiency in real-time. Agent assist is an AI solution that helps your service desk agent respond to customers’ requests on live chat, social media more accurately than ever before. Agent assists monitor customer conversations, understand the queries and suggest the answer from canned messages, chatbot intents, and knowledge base in real-time. Since these repetitive IT tickets get resolved in a few clicks, service desk agents get ample time to focus on queries that require personal attention.
  1. Scalable Autonomous AI:
    With the increasing business requirements, you must have scalable AI technologies that can handle complex tasks. In that case Conversational IT has an “Always learning” engine that learns from experience, interactions, and feedback by using ML & NLP capabilities and becomes more efficient. Also, Conversational IT is easy to scale as it doesn’t require additional infrastructure. It’s quicker than hiring and onboarding new employees.

Conversational IT- A Necessity

Conversational AI solution automatically determines when it is time for learning; it collects user sentences that are hard to understand, and then clusters them based on similar user intentions.

And it’s a perfect match for the IT service desk because IT service desks need to overhaul themselves to keep up with customer and employee demands and provide the kind of customer service that is consistent.

For organizations that keep delaying in embracing the change, the longer you procrastinate, the quicker you lose the game. It’s high time for IT organizations to go from smart to smarter.

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